Sorterbox, your only recruitment tool for a faster and seamless recruitment process.

Sorterbox is a recruiting software that makes sourcing for amazing talent cost effective. Sourcing for amazing talent does not have to be a tasking and boring process. Imagine all that paperwork, applications, and recruitment duties made faster, smoother with increased productivity.

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Sorterbox for Recruitment

With a messy table of a ton of applicant submissions and resumes to sort through and a deadline closing in, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with your recruitment process.

Sorterbox for Recruitment makes talent selection easy for both small and large organizations. Increasing your productivity, saving time and seamlessly organizing all important information so you can focus on what matters the most - getting the best talent.

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Sorterbox for Auditions

Finding the best candidate is not only limited to companies hiring. Sorterbox for Audition focuses on making talent selection easy for Accelerators looking to find the next unicorn, talent shows looking to find the next Beyoncé for their show, or even Foundations looking to award the best student a scholarship.

We know how difficult this process can be and we’d be thrilled to help you streamline the process!

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Recruit with Better Results

Faster and easier processes make for more productive results. That’s exactly what Sorterbox does for you. Improve your productivity to focus on more important things when the repetitive tasks are taken off your back.

Work as a Team

Sorterbox uses hiring team metrics that keep everyone in the loop of the recruitment process by assigning each team member to a part of the selection process. This way everyone knows who is responsible for what and can all become more involved in the recruitment process.

No More Messy Processes

Say goodbye to a messy desk littered with resumes and candidate applications. With our easy to use resume database, keep all candidate files, applications, CVs, videos and other media files in an organized manner making it quickly accessible with just a click.

Build your Employer Brand

Sorterbox knows how important every brand is to its Identity. You get free word of mouth marketing while getting your candidates excited to work with you just by building your employer brand identity with Sorterbox.

Keep your Data Safe

We make use of very secure cloud-based services, thus, protecting and ensuring the safety of your candidate applications. Tamper-proof and hack-proof.

Watch Impressive Video Resumes

With Sorterbox’s video job posting feature, you can watch your candidates get creative in 30 seconds, reduce application sorting time and give your applicants an enjoyable application experience. We not only accept video files but also audio and picture files.

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